the chicken or the egg?

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Eggs with mushrooms and spinach

I loved this recipe when I saw it in Everyday Food, but alas, EIOCY will not eat mushrooms. Eggs baked in a pouch with (already steamed) potato bits and chopped asparagus is very tasty as well. I keep pre-cooked potato bits in the freezer now to have on hand for a quick egg and potato meal.

Chicken with mango and ginger

Wildly different every time I make this, bc the mango is always slightly sweeter or not, and the jalapenos are always slightly hotter or not. Lucky for me, the pouch is always a dependable way to make yummy chicken cutlets.

Individual Spinach frittata

I can't find a link to the individual recipe, but it's really more of a mini souffle than a frittata! one egg, one or two egg whites, tablespoon of milk, tablespoon of hard aged cheese, handful of sauteed spinach and sauteed shallot! preheat ramekin, spray with nonstick spray, pour in your egg mixture and bake until set. so very easy.

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