reasons not to blog

1. the first rule for teachers: don't write about your students. If I can't write about the funny things that happen in class, that cuts out like 75% of my daily interactions.

2. nearly all my recipes these days come from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. blogging about my cooking feels like shilling for Martha. If you wanted to get Martha's content, you'd prolly go read it yourself. some of you do.

3. Since most of the people who read my blog give me book/movie/game recommendations, any book or video reviews prolly aren't new to you.

4. My photos are dull. I sit in the same place everyday and would prolly just post pictures of my cat.

5. Posting my own poetry seems pretty self-indulgent.

6. There's no hook to my writing that would keep anyone coming back for more.

7. I'm not funny. Mike's the funny one.

8. There's no audience. it's hard to consider my audience when I'm writing if there really isn't on.

9. Lists are so yesterday.

10. My major activity today was a quest for a color copier. do you really want to hear about that?

11. However, my chemical odyssey might be interesting.

12. I am the kind of person everyone dreaded when web 2.0 came about: instant publishing ability, zero original content. even my twitter feed is entirely generated by other programs like dailymile and foursquare.

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