Utah's famous Wall Arch collapses; no visitor injuries - Salt Lake Tribune

click on pictures for link to full story at Salt Lake Tribune.

I visited Arches National Park in a road trip with my mom before my second year of teaching at St. Francis in New Mexico. We didn't get to see Wall Arch because we visited at dusk when July temps in Utah are NOT >100 degrees Fahrenheit, and we didn't have time to take the trail all the way out to Landscape Arch.

I found out about this through Twitter, when one of the people I follow tweeted that they were bummed to hear that it fell and they saw it ten years ago. I myself am sad that I won't get to see it, but not sad that it fell. In a National Park that sends a strong message about preservation and trying to preserve the delicate desert soil (STAY ON TRAIL, DAMMIT!) this is a large scale reminder that ecological succession is ocurring, no matter how slowly it happens or how difficult it is to observe in an environments composed mostly of scrub, rocks, and sand.

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