a year ago

a year ago I was working at the information desk at Penn, taking classes at the graduate school of education, and babysitting my nephew.

In February, my wonderful boyfriend proposed to me and became my wonderful fiance, aside from the fact that he is unaccepting of the linguistic construction "a whole nother".

I spent March feverishly working on my master's thesis, so it could be finished by mid-April.

In April, I was proud to be the sponsor for my niece at her First Communion and Confirmation.

In May I participated in the Penn GSE graduation ceremony and spent oodles of time looking for a job.

On June 1 I accepted a teaching position, and finished the rest of my classes for my master's degree during that month.

In July I enjoyed the sweltering North Carolina heat as a teaching assistant at Duke University's summer program for gifted students.

August was absolutely agonizing as I had very little do to except be anxious about school starting in September. and be anxious about planning a wedding for May.

September, October, November and December all flew by in a flurry of students and classes and other such activities. I hosted visits by friends from far away and suffered through the strangest season of college football I can recall.

Now for 2008 I am looking forward to a wedding, teaching physics, a honeymoon, a tentative New Mexico trip, and service projects or discussion groups. not necessarily in that order.

One thing I noticed about resolutions last year (and I'm sticking with this year) is that they won't do any good if they demand a huge change from my normal routine. for example, yoga in the evening I can do; getting up earlier to exercise is right out. Instead of trying to squeeze more in my day, I want to find ways to use my time more wisely; to do the things that make my life a better life like writing, reflecting, and meditating. When I can do this, I'm more accepting of the person I am and the person I can be, instead of pushing myself or stressing myself to be the person I'm not.

What are you looking forward to in 2008?

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