How to look good naked

anyone with verizon fios television service will prolly agree with me: as much as the overall service is an improvement over comcast digital cable, the ondemand selection sucks. with comcast ondemand I spent a lot of time watching coupling and inuyasha, and even occasionally one of their free movies, like the milagro beanfield war. I almost never use verizon's ondemand service and certainly not to pay for movies.

but this day was new year's day, a day when there is nothing good on television besides college football and an outdoor hockey game. to top it off, I'm sick with a cold, and just want a diversion on the screen while I sip my tomato soup. The only interesting thing under free movies is a promo for ratatouille, but it's only four minutes long. In despair, I turn to the "women" section on the free vod menu.

ew, the lifetime channel. The last time I turned to that channel was to see how badly they were doing with their new game show gay, straight, or taken? and yes, it was as bad as it sounds. A women relies on terrible stereotypes and meager clues about three men to decide which one is gay, which one is straight (and available!), and which one is taken. While her guesses are usually wrong, rightfully showing how hard it is to judge someone on appearances alone or even a brief interview, the show also perpetuates these stereotypes and the idea that you CAN possibly tell whether someone is gay, straight, or taken. I don't care how good your gaydar is, you can't be right all the time.

So I admit, I was browsing this section of the vod menu when I came across a show called How to Look Good Naked. eh, it might be worth a laugh, I reasoned as I clicked "watch". And laugh I did. Unlike other makeover shows, which talk about clothes to camouflage the problem areas, this show has a woman strip down and learn to love the reflection in the mirror. This show says so much about how women not only disapprove of but also misperceive their own bodies. Over and over, the message repeats that as bad as you think your body is, it really isn't. Instead of focusing on fashion, the show focuses on true acceptance of one's body and improving self-confidence.

This show is the antidote to all the nights I fell asleep crying about how much I hated my acne-ridden face, because I never knew how beautiful I could really be.

How to Look Good Naked on the Lifetime channel

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