poblano beef tips

poblano beef tips

Last night we made quick seared poblano beef tips from the Mexican Everyday cookbook Zodda got me for Christmas. The reason he chose this cookbook for me is because we love to cook Mexican (or New Mexican) recipes, but often struggle searching for good side dishes and dishes that take a long time. This book aims for recipes that take a reasonable amount of time for a weeknight, and include veggies or something else to round it out so additional side dishes aren’t necessary.
This was incredibly simple, yummy, and sophisticated enough to serve to guests. At its heart, it’s simple meat and potatoes but the garlic, onions, worcestershire sauce, cilantro, and poblano peppers make it so much more. We usually stick with jalapeno peppers since they’re easily available at Trader Joe’s, but this time I had to make the trek to Whole Foods anyway to pick up worcestershire without high fructose corn syrup. So I picked up a couple nice poblano peppers to roast and they were soooo very yummmy. Nice heat, but a totally different flavor than the jalapenos.
As Zodda said, I wish I were still eating it now.
Here's Cactus trying to beg some beef as Zodda cuts the sirloin.
We use chopsticks for everything, including stirring and sautee.

Of course, chopsticks are good for tasting, too.

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