confidence to Just Try Stuff

Since I started guitar lessons, I've had a lot more fun just messing around with chords, strums, and scales on my guitar.  I don't play anything perfectly yet, but I'm having a ton more fun than I was a month ago.

In my last post I attributed this to the confidence to Just Try Stuff.  Perhaps that comes from the sweet spot of success and challenge.  I'm experience just enough success to keep me from getting frustrated, and enough challenge to keep me trying again and again.  The success is not just in my fingers and whatever motor skills I'm developing, but mostly in my understanding of the guitar as an instrument.  How it works, how the scales fit together, how to move around on the fret board to find the right key.  I'm definitely not an expert at any of this yet, but it's certainly within my reach with months or years of practice.  That feels good.

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