I want to thank my family and colleagues who have been so supportive dealing with this officer incident. Today while talking to the head coach for cross country, I realized that from Friday and over the whole weekend I was so focused on wondering if I did enough to take care of the team members that I didn't take care of myself. I kept pushing my own feelings down until they just spilled out as tears on Monday. Now that I've felt your support and I'm taking care of myself, I'm ready to get back to the business of defending the girls on the team.
I'm starting the process of informing the head of school. Another colleague suggested possibly filing a complaint with the police department. We'll see where it goes.
And I'm really glad I've blogged all this because I know I've gained a lot from reading how community posters on other feminist blogs and forums deal with harassment and discrimination in their own lives. I hope that someone else can read through this, know that their feelings or reactions to harassment are valid. know that they don't have to let another person make them feel "less than," even if that person is in a position of authority. know that there are layers to these situations that are not at all cut and dry or even readily apparent.

know you are supported.

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