this is a proud day for me and my compost bin. i took off the lid today to empty my kitchen scrap bucket and i saw A WORM!

when you start a compost bin, you can either buy worms or just wait for the worms to find you. most composters have a garden with a ready population of worms. not so here. i am an apartment dweller with a container garden. my container garden resides on a third story balcony. short of a flood floating worms up to my bin, i had no clue if i would ever get worms in my compost bin. and i have no idea how the worms did find me, unless they came with the food. yeah, think that one over for a bit.

fig 1: maybe it was an apple? wormy apples? wormy broccoli? hmmmmm.

in any case, i'm estatic about the worms. when i started my garden i bought potting soil, but this year i didnt buy more potting soil. I just mixed the old depleted soil with compost and repotted. it's been really successful for my basil, tomato, and pepper plants. my germanium geranium even did well for a while too, and i have terrible luck with nice and pretty flowering plants. so now i can expect even greater things from my container garden next year, now that worms are enriching my soil!

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