tomorrow we leave for maine. after a stop in ogunquit for the weekend, on monday we will reach our campsite in acadia national park. i'm packing now, which means i'm either running from room to room grabbing various items or sitting in front of a pile of junk and imagining the tetris-esque way it will fit in my car. my husband and i have very different ways we approach camping.

He: we'll have a car and bar harbor is nearby. we can go get anything we forget.
Me: the car will break down and civilization will end. WE MUST BE PREPARED.

This doesn't really translate into packing a lot more stuff, just making sure that the things i bring are the awesome multitasking tools that will see me through the apocalypse. he brings glowsticks in case the flashlights die, i bring a dynamo hand generator flashlight/weather radio. you know, in case a tusnami hits the northern atlantic coast and i need emergency weather updates.

only time will tell whose approach is better.

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  1. Hopefully, the nat'l weather service will remember to record one more weather band update right before civilization ends.