pizza and other food this week

haven't made many new recipes lately, but i have come close to perfecting the pizza dough in my kicthenaid mixer. i make a whole wheat crust and then go the easy route with trader joes pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella. i tried the four cheese blend with mozz, parm, fontina, and provolone, but the plain mozzarella is just fine. whether its whole or shredded.
we've also improved the garlic lime glaze for our green chile chicken soft tacos. we accidentally bought chicken breast tenders instead of whole breasts, and added juice from two limes instead of one. the smaller pieces with more lime juice balanced the cooking time for the individual pieces with the amount of time for the juice to reduce to a glaze.
finally, we're a bit worried about our chorizo supply. we still add the chorizo to the refried black beans, but this time we put it on top of some quesadillas. next time we might put it inside the quesadillas. trader joes had a good chicken chorizo for a while, but being trader joes, they discontinued it. since then we've found fresh chorizo made at whole foods, but on our last trip they only had one tray of chorizo and it was a bit off color. it seems their sausage makers decided to focus on kielbasa instead of chorizo. it might come to the point where we have to ask whole foods to make some chorizo especially for us!

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