First, we've had a minor crisis the past couple weeks. Trader Joe's was out of cranberry juice. I don't mean cranapple juice cocktail, I mean 100% undiluted cranberry juice. That's just about the only thing I drink, besides iced tea. Just a few ounces in the bottom of a pint glass, fill the rest with water, and it's a tart but refreshing hydration system. Without it, I was forced to brew tea every time I was thirsty. Which is nice, but time consuming. I ended up just going thirsty more often than not and getting slightly dehydrated. Rejoice! Cranberry juice is back at TJ's and I bought two bottles.

In the past week we had a few new recipes to try. Tonight we made penne with toasted bread crumbs, prosciutto, and parmesan. It was tasty, but the recipe calls for way more olive oil than I prefer to use. The preparation is every bit as simple as it sounds. Boil Pasta. Sautee bread crumbs in olive oil. Mix with chopped prosciutto and cheese. Garnish with parsley. Ta Da.

Saturday I made the chicken saltimbocca, and about halfway through realized I need toothpicks. So while fiance went to get some, I prepped the chicken cutlets, prosciutto slices, spinach, and Parmesan. When the toothpick skewers finally arrived I wrapped it all up like a jelly roll and browned it in oil, then simmered in chicken broth and lemon juice until the cutlets were cooked through. It was tasty, but I made the mistake of thinking I could mix in salt without measuring. Yeah, I oversalted. Oh well.

The real winner from the past week was rigatoni with sausage, peppers and onions. Those ingredients are only the beginning. There's also garlic, oregano, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper with everything simmered together in marsala wine. So very very good. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died, so I have no pictures for you. You'll just have to use your imagination.

Later this week: orzo breakfast scramble ... for dinner!

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  1. mmmm sounds delicious! why didn't you cook like this in NM?? I made chili last night with green chiles...ohh i miss the green chiles :-P