My latest netflick was the film "Quinceanera". Before that I borrowed "Georgia Rule" from my mom's netflick queue. I enjoyed both films, and was pleasantly surprised that Felicity Huffman nearly managed to steal the show from Lindsay Lohan. However, in terms of upcoming movies, I just realized that Cloverfield and and 27 Dresses come out on the same day. It's prolly not that big of a conflict because my friends..ok, my fiance, since I don't have any local friends..will most likely arrange to see Cloverfield. But who's going to see 27 Dresses with me? I don't want to wait for it on netflix or bitorrent, but it's just depressing on your oown. At least for chick flicks it is; I can see something like Memento alone wwithout a second thought.

This post was brought to you by my new Nokia internet tablet. ;


  1. I'LL SEE IT WITH YOU! ha ha if you can wait til March!

  2. Shelece2:51 PM

    I noticed that you use "netflick" as the singular of "netflix," whereas Arun and I have tended to take "netflix" as a singular noun (ex. "A new netflix came in the mail today.") with "netflices" as its plural. "Netflick" makes much more sense, of course, but it never occurred to me. Neat.

  3. Now you've made me think I need a new spelling for netflick, because the ck to x pluralization doesnt seem consistent, but i'm not sure what would be. netflic? netflik? I like yours too, cause i originally started out using netflix as a singular thing arriving in the mail and later changed to netflick.

  4. re: irishbutterfly

    i think i can wait; let's hope its still in theaters!