first 2 days in a 1:1 classroom

On the first day, I did nearly nothing technology related.  We analyzed some data together as a class, and took a before-and-after quiz on paper to save in folders until the end of the chapter.  One class had a long block and we used the extra fifteen minutes so they could enrol themselves in my moodle page.  so yeah, nearly nothing technology related.

Day two, however, I broke out the pear deck.  I planned to do a lab where they measure the force needed to pull a block up various length ramps to the same height above the table.  I used pear deck for all students in order to get them thinking about their predictions for the lab.

Not including the energy used to overcome friction, which path requires the most energy for a car driving up it?  a hill with three paths of varying lengths to the top.
a histogram showing the student responses to the pre lab question
one student refused to answer the question.  with good reason!  she already knows the outcome of this lab.

 Each class had three or four lab groups, and each group had one designated data taker who managed a spreadsheet and shared their work with me on google docs.  Finally, when they were ready to analyze their work I came back to pear deck, but had the data taker summarize the group's results instead of every student opening up their laptops and finding the tab with pear deck again, assuming they hadn't already closed it.  
each lab group's data analyses.  they all noticed a similar relationship between force and distance.
I loved doing this with pear deck because I can save the session.  In one class we got each table to write their response, but didn't get time to discuss them as a class or relate it to their predictions.  I can put this up on the screen at our next meeting and not worry about whether or not they can find their papers.  

I haven't tried pear deck's freehand drawing feature yet but I'd like to see what happens if I ask the students to sketch the graph of force and distance.  This is the first of many relationships like this they will see in physics, and they should get familiar with it!  

This is the first time in a while I've done this particular lab.  For the past seven years I've been teaching physics in a chemistry classroom and didn't always bring the clamps and ramps and spring scales down to my room for a quick lab like this.  I'm hoping I can bring back a lot of the hands on building and testing to my physics class as well as the technology of a 1:1 classroom.  

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