what I did this week instead of blog posts

prep spreadsheets for cross country coaching:  results, splits, stats, attendance, uniforms inventory, and sparklines for easy analysis of race trends

prep course website and moodle pages -- this took longer than anticipated because I messed up the public permissions on my google calendars where homework will be shared

cleared out two shelves in one of the science stock closets.  I mostly got rid of old goggles and styrofoam balls.

cleaned up my old classroom for the next teacher.

started pulling stuff off shelves and out of drawers in my new classroom.  I need to know what's in my classroom if I'm going to teach in it for a year.

coached cross country.  replied to a lot of emails.  wow, was that really it this week?  In my head, it feels like I can't really start on my lesson plans until I have a handle on the space where I will teach and everything in it.  That may not happen, in reality.   I may have to settle for clean enough to be safe.

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