#edchat 5 stages of grief after a bad lesson

Not that having a lesson plan turn sour is equivalent to losing a loved one, but I did notice some similarities in my thought processes.

I recently administered an assessment that went very poorly indeed.  After some reflection, I understand that a lot of factors were in play and I intend to write about those later.  But here were some of the first cycles of thought I went through after I graded the tests.

Denial -   They really did know this, they just didn't test well today.
Anger - Why couldn't they do this!  Why didn't they tell me it wasn't making sense?
Bargaining - Maybe if I curve the scores, then it will be ok.
Depression - I'm a terrible teacher and my students will be scientifically illiterate forever.
Acceptance - I'll re-organize and re-teach the unit, with an alternative way to assess their learning.

In a future blog post:  the psuedoteaching I did, the pseudostudying the students may have done, and how I plan to move forward.

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