#scichat physicists are ordinary people, aren't we?

this is my reaction to something @fnoschese shared on twitter on Jan 19.

And to further prove that physicists can be strange, someone did an analysis of the comments left on YouTube.  Their conclusion:  
"Many of these comments, and much more, all taken together should warn the physics teaching community about a simple fact: what is funny for physicists is not necessarily funny for ordinary people. This being so, the very concept of the potentially humorous aspect of physics and physics problems should be more a question of research-based facts and less of intuitive personal tastes and criterions." [emphasis mine]

I would just like to add that physicists are ordinary people!  ....aren't we?


  1. Hi Elizabeth!

    You should check out this blog post:

    "The Make-Believe World of Real-World Physics"

    Some good stuff there. And download the Mazur presentation, too. Could our silliness working against us?

  2. @Frank Thanks for the link to sciencegeekgirl. I like to think about elements that could possibly exclude people from science and science literacy, so this is really helpful.

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