hot yoga

I've been going to hot yoga with my sister now for a couple weeks.  The first week was really intense.  I went into vinyasa with all my usual intensity, but by the time we got to the warrior sequence the heat had gotten to me.  I was dizzy, the room was spinning, and I spent the rest of the series in childs pose.  I resolved to breathe more in my second session the next week.

right, breathe more.  Sounds simple, right?  you may not even notice it, but sometimes when people are concentrating, they hold their breath.  If I'm concentrating on a balance posture, I may inadvertently hold my breath.

Anyway, my second session went much, much better. I felt like my normal yogini self, just sweatier.  In fact, I'm not sure yet if there is a big benefit to practicing yoga in a very hot room, or if it's just a minor inconvenience of dripping sweat all over the place.

in other fitness related news, I had an awesome run and a confidence boosting realization on Saturday.  In my first three miles, each mile was about 30 seconds slower than the previous mile.  And this made perfect sense because each mile had more and more hills in it.  What surprised me was that my fourth mile was 30 seconds faster than even my first mile.  I could feel that I now recover faster from hills than I could even a few months ago.  A big hill used to wipe me out for the rest of my run, but now I know that it can be just a few hundred feet before I'm ready to get back up to speed or tackle the next hill!

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