The Way of Kings

A couple years ago, on a camping trip in Acadia National Park, I got hooked on books by Brandon Sanderson.  Mike suggested I read Mistborn, and when I finished I nearly ripped the next two books in the series out of his hands because I couldn't wait to read them.  It's nice to start a trilogy AFTER all the books are published, you know, when you don't have to wait to find out what happens. 

Now I've finished reading Sanderson's newest novel, The Way of Kings.  And now I've joined countless other nerds and fantasy fans in the waiting game, as we wait, and wait, and wait for the next installment of whatever favorite series we read.  I've never really gotten into fantasy books before, so this waiting game is very new to me.  It's not new to eiocy, as you can tell by the number of fantasy series collected on our New! Bookshelves!

Having never been into fantasy novels much before, I've escaped the dreaded artwork of American fantasy novel covers.  Seriously, which of these is cooler?

The American cover (top) says "Dur. I'm a nerd who read fantasy novels (and has a secret stash of romance novels)."  The UK cover (bottom) says "I like exciting books where cool stuff happens.  I may also be a nerd, but who cares." 

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