more on keeping it fresh

Now that I've brought it to the front of my mind, I'm noticing more ways that I've gotten into a rut, and needed to backtrack to explain things to my students.

In some classes, I've developed routines that have worked really well in the past, but now I see that the reason they worked so well was because the students and I developed those routines together.  Now when I introduce those routines, I need to make sure I make it very clear to the students how these were developed, for what purpose, and allow them the opportunity to critique and add to the routine in their own ways. 

I've also found the need to adapt myself and my routines for students who don't fit the previously adopted models.  Where before I've had classes that worked extremely well in a loud environment where everyone contributes equally, I notice now there are some students who don't contribute as well or as much in that environment.  When I make myself available individually, however, I find that they have questions and theories that aren't being addressed in full class discussion.  I will definitely have to investigate ways to include them in our discussions, maybe through online forums or more frequent small group meetings. 

It's really humbly to notice these things about my own teaching, especially since they're coming out of things that I thought I was already doing so well.  But I know this is one of the reasons I love teaching; it will never get stale. 

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