That's why we're all in therapy!

Check out this absolutely schizophrenic article from US weekly: I've included a screen shot because the extra links between the paragraphs are priceless. 

There are the more obviously contradictory bits, such as the opening paragraph about gaining weight and feeling beautiful followed by CHECK OUT INCREDIBLE STAR SLIM DOWNS! But there are also more subtle messages about body snarking: 
  • curvier figure -- not just curvy, but curvier.  curvier than what?  without a direct comparison, it implies "curvier than normal/acceptable"  and what really is normal, anyway?
  • the New York Times posted an article that slammed the star for flaunting her assets at the Golden Globe Awards. -- actually, the nyt called her both pretty and big, and it was more a slam of the "exploding ruffle" dress.  nothing about flaunting or assets, words which oh so subtly smack of slut shaming.  
  • who admits she could "sit down with a bag of chips -- the verb choices and dashes in this sentence really get to me.  "admits" and "makes an effort" could have easily been "treats herself with ..." and "stays healthy by ...."  What could have been a balanced sentence about occasional treats and exercise routines becomes an admission of guilt and the penance one does to make up for it. (or maybe I'm just crazy Catholic).  
It's like everything out of Christina Hendricks' mouth is uplifting and reflective of self-acceptance.  She even talks about finding activities that make her feel good, not just exercising to lose weight.  But everything else, from the pink links to the more subtle messages, are just like the negative comments she mentioned.  That's what we remember, despite all the positivity. 

references:  http://delicious.com/ejmankh/christinahendricks

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