Livestrong Challenge Philly

Yay!  eiocy and I are registered for the Livestrong Challenge Philly on Saturday August 21. 

Last year I ran in the Livestrong Challenge Philly 5k.  This was really my introduction to running.  I had only started running in earnest  - ok, at all - barely 3 months before the challenge.  But that's ok, because it really is a challenge and not a race.  There was no timer, no places, no prizes.  Just running, walking, and bicycling.  I finished in 36 minutes and was insanely proud of myself. 

One year later, my 5k time still won't win any races though it is a good 4 or 5 minutes faster.  But a 5k just wouldn't be a challenge for me now.  Just my luck, they added a 10k distance and moved the run and ride to separate days to accommodate more people!  The farthest I've run is only about 5 miles, and I just haven't set aside the time to be a one hour runner.  This 10k challenge is a nice push to get myself to run for over an hour at a time. 

I've started a team, and you can join it too.  Just go to the Philly registration page and look for dragonarmy.  I think there's even a way to be a "virtual participant" for no registration fee.  But it would be even better if you run with us on August 21!

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  1. I wish I could run the 10k with you in Philly, but that's orientation weekend, so I'll run it at ND at the same time. Now I have motivation to commit to my running schedule this summer :)