lifting weights on a boat

After sitting on a lounge chair and reading all day, I was more than ready to get up and move by the time evening came around on the cruise ship.  We had a late seating for dinner, which meant everything cleared out at six and we pretty much had the run of the ship.  eiocy literally used this time for running, on the insanely short jogging track located on the upper deck of the ship.   This is what happens when you use a Garmin GPS while running laps on a cruise ship:
I preferred to use the treadmill or the weight room.  Naturally, I was the only girl in the weight room.  I really appreciate the weight room at school now, because these machines on the ship were a pain to adjust for my height.  In some cases, I had adjusted it as much as I could in a given direction, but it still wasn't appropriate for someone of my height.  It seems that not only was I the only girl there, but they didn't really anticipate my-size people using the weight room.
But a funny thing happened occasionally:  a teen boy would walk in, do two reps on the preacher curl machine, and then leave.  a few minutes later, a different teen boy would walk in, do two reps of shoulder presses with free weights, and then leave.  I can just imagine some crazy new extended workout that involves low reps with long rest periods between sets!

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