fashism: does this work?

A few days ago the New York Times ran an article about crowdsourcing fashion called "You Made Me Wear This."  It featured two websites where you can post images, and the hive mind will give you feedback on your look.  I just had to try it out. 

Last spring I decided I really needed a change in my hairstyle.  I went with a loose, beachy perm and I love it.  A few months later now, I need to decide if I love it enough to keep it up, which may mean a 3 hour hair appointment 3 or 4 times/year.  

So I posted two pics on Fashism.com, and gave people the option of choosing A or B.  Each look was highly rated on its own, and I got tons of compliments on both styles.  As you can see in the image above, after a few hours, people made their opinions known.  

A lot of people commented on the straight style as being cute, polished, and preppy, while the wavy style was described as flirty, young, and sexy.  That preppiness is exactly why I permed my hair in the first place:  I like my style to be a little rough around the edges, and my natural texture was too polished for my taste.  Especially since I live in a preppy area and teach in a private school, I felt like looking too preppy was like losing a little bit of who I am and being swallowed by my surroundings. 

So I'm prolly going to keep perming my hair, at least for a while.  The wavy style is actually a lot more wash-and-go than the straight style, which was more wash-straight iron-and-go, if I wanted to neutralize the flip at the ends.  As eiocy put it, if three hours in the salon chair will give me more time to eat breakfast in the morning, then it's totally worth it. 

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