yes, it really is that bad

a few days ago I shared this on my facebook page: Schroedingers rapist or a guy's guide to approaching strange women without being maced.

Then on Friday I went on a long run with the cross country team. I was leading the girls up lancaster ave when I noticed two police officers outside their car on the sidewalk.

Now, very much like the situations outlined in Schroedingers rapist, I brace myself every time I run by men. I prepare myself for whatever flirty or lewd comment may be thrown my way. As I approached the officers, I hoped hoped hoped that these men, of all men, would not say anything to me.

no such luck. The larger of the two said something along the lines of "you want a ride back in my car? I won't tell anyone." and yes, I'm sure it was intended for me. I try to ignore such things but he repeated it until I looked over at his grinning face.

I kept running. I thought about what I could have done: stopped and told him I thought that was inappropriate. But there were a million reasons not to do that. I had four teenage girls running a few meters behind me, if I stopped then they would stop too. I couldn't drag them into this, I could just be thankful he said it to me, an adult, instead of the minors I was leading. He was an officer, and challenging an officer can go wrong faster than you can blink. there were two of them, and I had no idea if the second one would back me or the offending officer.

so guys, really, if you won't hear it from a girl in the first link, hear it from a guy in this one: Schroedingers rapist and the imagined right to intrude. dont abuse your male privilege. if you wouldnt bother a guy who looks like hes having a bad day, dont bother a girl just because you dont think she would rip your head off.

because next time, i just might try.

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