a game of football

I have some how found myself on a touch co-ed football team. oh, my spelling has been corrected, it's not football, its FOOTBALL! we tried to arrange a practice on Sunday afternoon, but a lot of people couldn't make it. so three of us found ourselves in a field full of goose shit tossing around a football and fretting about the neon green goo on our shoes. this is what I learned.
I used to be able to throw a football, I swear.
In any case, I can't throw a football while wearing equestrian gloves.
I miss rugby. the overhand throwing doesn't matter so much then.
I still close my eyes when a ball comes my direction.
I'm still afraid of being hit by a ball.
I try to catch balls in my elbows instead of my hands.
Yes, this is going to be a great football team -- based solely on my contributions at least. and the fact that we don't have a quarterback yet. We got a bit of a reprieve. Due to the blizzard on Monday, our first game won't be held this weekend. I don't know how good I'll really get at football, but I at least want to get over being afraid of the ball!

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