food this week

our new recipe this week was the roman style chicken from Giada's Everyday Pasta. Everything really just seemed to come together for this recipe. The angel hair pasta was sweet on its own, the wine was great, and the prosciutto and capers added just the right bit of saltiness with the sweetness of the pasta and peppers. eiocy is a huge fan of chicken cacciatore, and he declared this EVEN BETTER than Giada's cacciatore recipe. that, my friends, is huge praise. let the record show that it is still not better than his mom's chicken cacciatore.
in short, prosciutto and peppers are sauteed, then garlic, tomatoes, thyme, and oregano. simmer some more before adding the broth and browned chicken breast. simmer for twenty more minutes, toss with parsley and capers and serve over pasta. beautiful.
the other news item in food is my newfound ability to bake yeast breads. before I got my new mixer, the kneading was the toughest part. you want to knead just enough to get gluten to form but not too much. the mixer's dough hook makes it so much easier. last week I made my first loaf of whole wheat bread and next I want to make a nice cinnamon loaf or maybe a better pizza dough. the pizza dough I tried last time -- well, it was a disaster. here's to next time!

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