why I'm upset at Heroes

I have a group of students now who chat with me about Heroes (the tv show) before class starts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. In order to explain my opinions about the current season, I often find myself digging back to season one. And when I do I get really angry at the writers because I feel like they created a universe with a unique set of conditions. I like shows that create something unrealistic and then investigate the consequences. In Heroes, they created a universe where Peter and Sylar represent opposite ends of a spectrum; everyone else moves around on that spectrum providing tension. I always thought it was pretty cool how Peter and Sylar generally have the same potential abilities (to get any and all powers) but do it in very different ways. The good way: empathy and the evil way: killing.
Which is why I was pretty disappointed when out of nowhere PETER CAN ONLY HOLD ONTO ONE POWER at a time. This changes the dynamic of the spectrum set up in season one. At some point in the series both Peter and Sylar have lost their ability but got it back. Now this seems really strange to all of a sudden limit Peter's powers this way. I was willing to let them make up futures willy nilly because anything they do can change the future. but this just changes Peter's place on the spectrum without changing his good/evil property on the spectrum.
clearly, I have overthought this.

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