reasons why working out is better than sitting on the couch

even if you're watching tv while on the elliptical, you eventually have to get away from the tv to shower - not subjected to hours of crap from the tv
showering in the evening means more time to sleep in the morning
it may also mean more time to spend choosing a great outfit or doing your hair in the morning
doesn't put a crick in your back like laying on the couch does
you won't hate yourself for wasting all that time later
endorphins are nice
work towards a goal besides seeing every episode of ninja warrior
with enough time on the total gym you'll be able to lift the couch solo instead of just sitting on it
the plants in the yoga room like it when you spend time with them - they might grow more peppers
see if the neighbors across the way are spying on you while you do yoga
retaliate by setting up a model telescope so they stop spying on you doing yoga
because your body is awesome and it was made to do more than sit on the couch!

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