elizabeth martin on csi

On the most recent episode of CSI there was a character named Elizabeth Martin. ::sigh::, I thought, it's such a common name it's not really surprising that my maiden name would appear on a tv show. But then they revealed that the character's name wasn't actually Elizabeth Martin, she had stolen that identity so she could get a job as an illegal immigrant. I had to laugh, it's not just so common a name that it would eventually appear, it's so common that they decided it would be a good "fake name" that would fit anyone anywhere, kind of like how Ford Prefect chose that name under the assumption that it would be so absolutely inconspicuous. And in the case of Elizabeth Martin, it really is. Anyone could be an Elizabeth Martin whereas not everyone could be a Serena Van der Woodsen.
Adding another layer to that, as an Elizabeth Martin I did get double takes when applying for jobs because an unlikely combination of numbers in my SSN made some employers think it was fake.


  1. You married Mike for his name, I knew it!

  2. oh, it was no secret that I always wanted a better last name.