Loving Dr. Isis

I recently found a new blog through the other physics blogs I read: On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess .

I often stay away from blogs by women in science and academia because they fill me with regret. I declined going to grad school in favor of becoming a volunteer teacher, and then got my masters degree in education instead of physics. When I did my thesis on gender and science education I realized I was now one of THOSE women, who left a male dominated field (physics) for a more female-friendly field (education). These blogs often make me feel like I am less because I didn't soldier on in academia.

I just read Dr. Isis's latest entry Ask Dr. Isis , and it was still painful to read but it also filled me with feelings of solidarity. We (women in any science field) all struggle with this, and it's not just the impossibly tough and perfect ones who survive in academia. Thank you Dr. Isis for giving us a glimpse of your confusion. It helps other women with their own confusion, too.

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