I've been blog-absent because honestly, summer's been tough to get used to. I could spend any entire day watching Bravo or movies on the HD channels, and then beat myself up in the evening because I feel totally unproductive. But that's never going to end, because unless I have the first few weeks of my classes completely planned out, I'll always feel like I have unfinished business hanging over my head. So instead, I've made lists of things to keep me busy and hopefully enjoying myself. Here's what I've done so far:

visit alaska
change my name
complete seven chapters of a physics textbook
plan a curriculum map for my chem class
attend training for blackboard software
elliptical machine stuff
bike ride to valley forge national park
install a wine rack under the kitchen cabinets
put together a new tv unit from ikea
read class matters
read the emperors children
read special topics in calamity physics
read the memory keeper's daughter
currently reading the people of the book
visit a professor at penn and help with his computer
try to grow a container garden
attend the baptism of a friend's child
get a hair cut
spend the fourth of july with kelly in center city
watch movies at micah's

still to do:
trail running
guitar playing
solo camping
japanese tea ceremony attending
lesson planning
family visiting
more baptism attending
more ikea shopping
kitchen counter replacing
librarything cataloging
farmers market shopping

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