who needs to know I'm married, and how do I tell them?

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony at the school where I teach. Another faculty member, in a different department, came up to me to congratulate me on my wedding. "I heard it from a student," he said, "and I bet you can guess which one." It was at that point that I realized that even thought it FELT like everyone knew I was married because all my students knew, very few faculty outside of my department had any idea. Including the administration.

The administration tends to make a big deal of faculty life events like birthdays, babies, and engagements. Lately, they had been announcing recent engagements in the faculty newsletter but not a peep about my wedding. I'd been keeping everything pretty quiet outside of my department, and that seems natural for me. Who are these people who inform the administration as soon as they get engaged? The same people who send out engagement announcements? Beats me.

So I guess I should inform the administration not only so I can get the required bouquet/gift card, but so it's not a total shock to them when I return my personal information sheet to the business office with A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME. But how to do it? I'm thinking of sending a photo with a piece of my marriage stationery. Because I can't imagine this would be important enough to do in person. As far as they're concerned, I could have just decided to change my name on a whim, right?

In any case, I'm sure the people who manage the databases are going to love all the changes they'll have to make in my files.

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