lighter fare

back to food blogging! The theme for this week's menu was light dishes - light on the tongue and light on the cooking, since temperatures rose to one hundred degrees F this week. all recipes from our regular sources: rick bayless and giada dilaurentiis.

Monday: a really basic and quick tomato sauce made from cut up canned tomatoes, garlic, and parsley. cooked for only fifteen minutes, tossed with pasta and chicken sausage.

Tuesday: salad with rustic guacamole, chicken breast, and this awesome spicy citrus dressing made from roasted jalapenos, roasted garlic, and lime juice.

Wednesday: lemon couscous, grilled tuna steaks, and sun dried tomato pesto. I can finally make pestos now that I have a hand blender/food processor. and these no cook sauces are great for hot weather.

Thursday: forgoing the normal stir fry night for tortilla soup. toasted pasillo chiles, tomatoes, garlic, onions....all the good stuff with chicken breast cubes, avocado, and chips.

Friday: haven't made it yet, but going for a walnut-artichoke pesto. yeah, I'm really putting the new hand blender to work right away. I've used it every day this week except Monday.

Finally, we've had the good fortune of drinking two great Australian wines this week. Little Penguin merlot and Rosemount pinot noir. what can I say, life is good.

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