earth day and service learning

This Saturday is looking to turn out a lot more sedate than last week's. On the nineteenth, we got up early to pick up some middle school and lower school students and head out to the Chamounix Stables in Fairmount Park. Somehow I had managed to volunteer myself as the head of this service project, and like many service experiences - including St. Francis - I had no idea what I would be doing, where, or with whom.

Getting there was predictably stressful. The directions ended at an intersection with no horses in sight. In such instances I will always turn left, and found myself next to a crime scene investigation. Pressing on, my trusty navigator fiance saw horses up ahead and we knew we were in the right place.

Chamounix Stables has the Work to Ride program, a long term intervention program for at risk youth. We did some groundskeeping work, weeding and planting flowers. There was a fraternity from Drexel there as well, doing some of the heavier earth moving work. It felt great to sit down and get my hands in the dirt for a few hours, and the students loved seeing the horses and planting flowers.

Unfortunately once we were done, I was so tired I flopped down in bed for a good three hours or so. That set the tone for my productivity for the rest of the week, and I don't feel like I got very much done even though I'm slightly ahead on grading and lesson planning.

Anyway, this outdoor service was a Spring Thing event to go along with Earth Day on Tuesday the twenty-second. Anyone do anything fun for Earth Day?

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