A review of "Nightfall (Bantam Spectra Book)"

by Isaac Asimov

The premise: a world with six suns is about to experience nightfall for the first time. What will happen?

Overall I found Nightfall rather unsatisfactory. I had no good connection to the characters, who seemed rather two dimensional. The way they were introduced and re-introduced to each other seemed superficial, forced, and toward the end almost deus ex machina. The “twist” at the end was obvious to me from the beginning and did not make a convincing resolution. I actually groaned when it was finally revealed to the “main” character of the moment.

The one good thing about this book was the way the author built tension moving towards the climax with a series of flashbacks. I didn’t enjoy it at the time, and given the poor quality of the characters I think it could have been done better, but it did build tension effectively.

In conclusion, an ok airport read.

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