More Mexican Everyday

Since the yummy yummy poblano beef tips, we've made two more recipes from the Mexican Everyday cookbook.

P1070025 USM

First, chicken in tangy escabeche. The base of the sauce was apple cider vinegar and broth, with carrots and roasted green chilies. For some reason, the chilies didn't have a lot of flavor -- maybe the they weren't fresh, maybe I didn't prepare them well, or maybe the acidic escabeche overpowered them. The recipe originally called for pickled jalapenos, but suggested roasted New Mexico green chilies as a possible replacement.

Our second recipe turned out much better. So good we didn't even get a picture of it before it was gone. Red chile chicken with black beans and rice. Chicken browned in chili powder, rice simmered in chicken broth, lots of red chile flavor without too much heat. If you want some kick, it is very nicely complimented by just a bit of chipotle salsa.

Later this week we're sticking with the red chile theme with steak cubed with diced tomatoes and beans. Eventually I'd like to try some recipes with tomatillos, too.

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