I've been sitting here, mulling over a couple blog drafts and getting nowhere. Simultaneously thinking about how I'll start off the second semester in my classes tomorrow and similarly getting nowhere. Setting personal goals seemed like a good jumping off point to set the tone for the year, but they can't really set realistic goals until they've received their first semester reports. Some of which I still haven't written yet, and aren't due until Wednesday morning.

Obviously if they're waiting to get feedback from me, I could solicit feedback from them. Then later on when I ask them to make goals, I can model how I've made goals based on their anonymous feedback.

And because I was thinking about a blog entry at the same time I've decided to ask the internet about how they use the tools or sites I publish with. How do you use Blogger? Twitter? Flickr? Facebook? AIM, Pidgin, GTalk, Skype? How about some of the other online social tools like 43 things, All Consuming, The Daily Plate, Last.fm, Pandora, LibraryThing? What appeals to you, and what doesn't? Who benefits most from using these things? How do you benefit from them?

I ask because I strongly suspect not everyone uses them the same way I do, and lately I've been inspecting the ways and reasons that I use them myself.


  1. I use online tools for personal enjoyment. AIM and Facebook are usually just for communication. Blogger is pretty useless since I have nothing to say and even less of a readership. Librarything is for my collection habit.

    I'm really the only person who benefits from anything I do online.

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    So far, I'm on Twitter, WordPress, Digg, Flickr, and YouTube. I started using Twitter to stay in contact with friends from college that I haven't seen in an undisclosed number of years. We usually have running daily conversations about anything and everything.

    From there, I jumped to WordPress as a way to share things with my friends and family and whomever else might stop by. Flickr & YouTube followed logically from that. Again, mostly sharing photos and videos with friends and family. I can't remember why I joined Digg. Probably because I wanted to "digg" an article and needed to join to do so. Usually, they're science related articles.

    PS - I've also used Twitter to find people with similar interests or who are geographically close (why I don't know). I found you by searching Terraminds.com (3rd party Twitter site) by searching "chemistry" in the user search.

    Sorry for the long comment. It's the end of the day :)

  3. I started Live Journaling frosh year of college... then joined xanga because it was a bit more user-friendly... so that along with facebook are how I keep in touch with people. I Tweet to keep in more constant contact with you and my friend Roe. I'm on AIM occasionally. I only joined myspace because of friends who are on that but not facebook. Youtube and all that is just occasional entertainment.

    I don't use internet tools to make friends or connect to people that I don't already know in real life.

    ... but then, in today's age, what is "real life"?